Programme: Civic Park Masterplan
Client: Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires - Central Society of Architects
(SCA) - Federacion Argentina de Entidades de Arquitectos (FADEA)
Team: Laurent Troost - Grégory Bets
Location: Buenos Aires - Argentina
Scale: Masterplan: 38 Ha - Built Area: 513.000 m²
Status: Competition 2008 - Mention

Rather than the usual spread for such a type of development, the STRIPS masterplan is conceived as an efficient organizational densification creating a new institutional skyline and leaving most of the park untouched. The impact of a 500.000 m² civic omplex is minimized and the former hospital campus is used as its best.

Former hospital buildings are preserved as public pavilions of the various ministries. The park itself is the public interface of the Civic Institutions with the citizens. To ensure the integration of the complex on the urban level, public facilities and services are provided on the western edge of the site. And the park will be treated in order to accommodate all kinds of public ‘unbuilt’ functions: sport fields, musical spaces, nature discovery paths...

The section of the STRIPS masterplan grows towards its center, affirming its civic purpose in front of the main access. This section also inscribes the civic park in the Buenos Aires skyline. The civic landmark will be identifiable from the distance. This is somehow a way to connect the Civic Center to the center and the rest of the City. The variations of typologies offered by the STRIPS masterplan go from the inner courtyardbuildings, to thin high-rises, passing by mid-rises of various gabarits.

The combination of those operations sets up the perfect conditions for the main goal of this project: the transformation of a formerly closed hospital park into a public, representative civic zone with urban and environmental qualities.