Programme: Fine Arts Academy
Client: Bezalel Fine Arts Academy
Team: Richard Sharam, Laurent Troost
Location: Jerusalem - Israel
Scale: 20.000 m²
Status: Competition 2007

Jerusalem’s new Bezalel Academy campus is thought of as an opening in terms of opening up the site and the Academy towards the city and its public space, but also in terms of an open minded re-interpretation of a teaching institution, of an open space, and of an urban typology.

The Bezalel Academy’s form results from the balance of two ambitions: the interdisciplinary Academy opening and the contextual historical emphasis.
We have created an interdependent relationship between an architecture and an open space. The open space which occupies most of the site is perceived as a shaded void where everything / anything can happen. The Academy wraps around, shades and opens itself towards this shaded plaza.
A central void where the cathedral and the university coexist, reconciling inheritance and modernity.

The final goal of the Bezalel Academy’s project is the representation of the conceptual 'opening' and permeability of a teaching institution, and at the same time the balance between history – society, city – citizens, monument – public in a new urban landmark for Jerusalem.