Programme: Residential Masterplan
Project: Baulieu
Client: Silver Cloud S.A.
Collaboration w/ Damien Mathelart Arch. - Christophe Bourg
Location: Estaimpuis - Belgium
Scale: Masterplan Area: 5,5Ha / Built Area: 30.000 m²
Status: Commission 2010

In between Lille (France) and Brussels (Belgium), the urban sprawl is almost continuous. This private development on the border of those two countries adresses the sprawl as desirable way of life: an “eco” development with small units in a park next to large open fields, next to high speed train lines, next to connecting highways...

The “eco” village: orientation of all units is maximized for solar gain throuhout the year; a small pound collects water for reuse; all units are solar powered; the heating is central and turned into a climbing sculpture in the middle of the development; cars are banished from this car-free
ensemble; etc.